We Can Use Instagram for Marketing? How Sway?

Let’s take a look at something you never imagined would bring you business… Instagram.

Yes, I said Instagram. The photo sharing community of bloggers that only take photos (plus the new features stories and going live) to live in the moment can actually bring you business.

If you haven’t noticed in today’s business world, People are sold on people. If it’s not true then you shouldn’t think about a certain insurance company when I say Flo, yep you just seen Progressive’s headband red lipstick wearing leading lady in your head.

The idea of having someone that being relating qualities to a business makes that business more profitable. I’ll give you examples below and how to do the same and see your business grow.

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People Buy People They Love

Progressive has seen sales increased over the years and that’s due to people feeling they can relate to her. Same things has happened when people find social media stars that have a great following and then a business will come to market their product to bring life to a product through a person. Like Aveeno with Jennifer Aniston as of late.

Let’s get on to how to bring your Instagram to life through engagement. 9 times out of 10 you probably already have photo’s and a decent amount of followers.

We are going to go through 3 important ways of getting followers; #Hashtags, Photos, and Engagement.



More in likely you understand hashtags, I don’t have to go in to detail about what they are, but what they do is a different story. If you begin hashtagging your photo’s you will begin to see an increase in followers. certain keywords such as, #Love will get you 1 BILLION views on your post. #IG can yield upward of 100+ million views on your post.

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You typically want about 10-20 hashtags on your post to ensure it reaches as many people as it can. Which your business can leverage off of as you begin to stay consistent in your posts.

The photos you post also play an important role on relevance to building your brand.

Modern Day Photographer

Every photo you post has to have some type of business reference. Now this is especially great because now this is where Live and Stories can come in to play. Unleash a Live video to see how a day in the life of your business is.

Today’s business world isn’t as serious or strict as it was years ago. The reason is people want to feel more accessible to businesses which is why they let people in to a certain degree through social media. Especially Instagram since the video disappears after to go Live. That’s genius to build personal engagement.

Stories provide a 2 hour glimpse into the day of the business person’s day from pre work day to after word day and everything in between.

It’s so many ways to engage your audience and those followers you didn’t know you had and even those who never followed you, but have been missing out on quality since then.

Hey, You! Let’s Sit and Talk About Life.

The most important thing to me is to engage, Engage, ENGAGE your audience.

Video, photo, story, or live. ALWAYS engage your audience.

Anytime a person comment’s, likes, and share’s your video. Thank them, like their comment on your post. It will make them feel better and appreciated too.

Consistency builds followers, consistency builds growth, and consistency builds something that people look forward to.

I look forward to hearing the feedback you guys have or the comments you guys have. Ket me know if there’s any additional questions.



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