Let’s Go Live. Will You Join Me?

In today’s world everybody likes the idea of being closer. Even to strangers. We like the idea of watching someone’s life through a live video through Facebook, Periscope, and even Instagram.

It’s funny when you think about how personal people have become in a very socially online world, but it’s a trend that’s beginning to reach businesses.

Businesses want to reach their customers and be seen as open and personal and it actually works.

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There Is A New King Named Content

If you didn’t know by the title, content is KING. The more you are able to feed your consumer and give them the more engaged they will be. It’s great when you build that relationship with your consumer and they see you respond and be genuine in your business.

You provide video which was one of the most utilized tools of social media in 2016.

There were actual TV commercials about going live on Facebook. That’s how much Facebook wanted to push the culture that Periscope started, Snapchat clipped, but Facebook mastered.

The push for video went for regular people showing their day to day activities, but companies started to see potential in showing their consumers something they never seen before….The inside of the company’s day to day operations.

Hello World! Welcome To The Business

I seen a video about Southwest doing live video’s which incorporated their employees whether they were in the office or on the tarmac.

That builds a culture that any consumer would want to be apart of, not only that, but it helps grow company moral too. It’s been studies done where if a employee feels appreciated they will work better and efficient even.

The world is changing how you interact with your consumer to provide a better experience.



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