Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory Case Study

Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory had two goals when it partnered with DreamYpsi Advertising for their PPC campaign: Raise brand awareness on social media and create a shopping cart for online sales. By placing Ads across Google’s Search Network and Facebook, AATF’s brand awareness increased by 18%.


  • Create an online sales channel to reach a nation wide audience
  • Raise brand awareness on social media


  • DreamYpsi Advertising and AATF worked with Google Adwords and Facebook to extend their brand messages to digital
  • Created a Shopify shopping cart and can now ship products nation wide
  • Placed AATF Ads across Google and Facebook
  • Community Marketing- partnered with a local business to cater a Superbowl party
  • Engaged with Facebook followers by creating contests


  • Increased brand awareness by +18% ( Social media engagement)
  • 9.26% sales conversion rate (Google Adwords)