We Can Use Instagram for Marketing? How Sway?

Let’s take a look at something you never imagined would bring you business… Instagram. Yes, I said Instagram. The photo sharing community of bloggers that only take photos (plus the new features stories and going live) to live in the moment can actually bring you business. If you haven’t noticed in today’s business world, People are sold on…

Content That Produces Views

We all want to know how do we increase our viewers and continually engage them with new content? Well  it comes to age old content marketing questions like, “Am I writing about the correct content?”, “Is my content engaging?”, “Am I producing enough for my readers?” Content Solutions Now those are correct questions and even…

Zoolander 2 Trailer

Is your Thursday going slow? Enjoy this trailer while you wait for 5 o’clock.


We love this touching story of a professional hair stylist who gives free haircuts to the homeless on the weekend. You can follow him here at his twitter @MarkBustos