Partner With Us

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Partnering with DreamYpsi makes perfect sense because now your clients will get your awesome service plus a professional PPC Management agency to meet their SEM needs. PPC Management is what we do, we’ll make sure your clients succeed with their SEM goals on any platform they choose; Google, Bing or Facebook, we service businesses of all sizes and budgets! Potential partnerships include, but are not limited to; business associations, web design firms, web hosting companies, ecommerce service providers, online and offline marketing agencies, social media service providers, business consultants and anyone else that believes in exceeding their customer expectations!

So, Here’s How It Works:

01 – Prefer To Refer?

Do you have clients or have you established relationships with business owners that you believe would benefit greatly by marketing online? Refer them to DreamYpsi! We’ll need a name, preferred contact method (email or phone), and their website and we’ll reach out!

Lo básico: $500 one time payment for each new client paying for a minimum of one month of service. No minimum number of referrals. We’ll pay you when they sign up!

La avanzada: The basic program can work into a residual percentage of income ranging from 10 to 15% based on your ability to successfully refer new clients on a regular basis.

02 – Silent Partnership

With this option, your agency  has contracted DreamYpsi as a third-party, based on our regular fee schedule, we’ll give you a 10% discount. In this partnership, you maintain total client control. You are responsible for all DreamYpsi fees (following our fee schedule) and the funding of PPC account(s) – for your clients.  Now, we advise that you be transparent and express that you’ve contracted with a third-party to meet your clients needs, transparency is always the best policy!

Please note: that we will never hide that fact that we are DreamYpsi Advertising. We don’t offer white-label PPC services.

Thank You for your interest in forming a partnership with DreamYpsi, please call or email us anytime!