How Are You Different From Other Advertising Companies?

We worked for Google Adwords. We know how AdWords works better than anyone. We have helped some of the most successful advertising companies become even more successful by teaching them the ins and outs of AdWords.

Why Don’t You Work For Google Adwords Anymore?

We know that there are a lot of small to medium size business owners who can be more successful by advertising online. Some don’t even know the option exists. Others are too overwhelmed or don’t know how AdWords works and abandon the idea entirely. That’s were we come in: Our goal is to help you become more successful and compete in the SEM marketplace. You can leave the worry of online advertising to us so you can focus on running a great business.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

You can expect results as soon as the first month depending on the business. Most businesses see a successful return on their investment (ROI) after 3 months.

Please note,  certain industries have historically higher online-advertising costs for certain keywords or ads. We will explain the cost and determine if online advertising is best for you or if another one of our services may be the better route.

Is My Budget Paid Directly to DreamYpsi?

No. Your daily budget on AdWords, Bing and /or Facebook and the DreamYpsi management fee are paid separately.

Why do I have to Pay Setup Fee and Management Fee for the First Month?

When you first sign up for one of our Price Packages you will be asked to make a one-time payment that includes a setup fee and a prepaid one-month management fee. The reason why we require this payment is because building and maintaining an Adwords campaign are two separate processes.

Most times the setup is focused on: Keyword Research, Target audience, Ad groups, Ad text, Negative Keywords, Ad extensions, in other words, building the entire Campaign.

This part is very time-consuming as everything is being carefully reviewed to make sure we get the best possible start for your new campaign.

The optimization process starts a few days after the new campaign is running. We always make sure to optimize your account at least two or four times during the first month (depending on your package selection).

This includes running multiple reports on the campaigns overall performance and optimizing the campaign based on those reports for the best return on your investment (ROI).

Do I Need to Have Google Analytics?

We strongly encourage installing Google Analytics on your website. This will help you gain insight into your website activity and will help us understand the user behavior on your site and apply it to AdWords .
Google Analytics  should be used in tandem with Google AdWords. The two systems are closely integrated, which will give us sufficient data to analyze, gain insight and optimize.

Can I Pay per Performance (Acquisition) (CPA)?

We do not offer CPA (cost per acquisition) at this time.

We take on a much greater risk by using a Pay-per-Performance management pricing model, because we would rely heavily on your website, product and product pricing. Unless we have significant influence over these elements, our services would not be as effective.

In order to appeal to most businesses we have opted for a simple and transparent pricing model.

How much access will I have in my account?

We provide all clients with standard access. Here’s the breakdown:
You can sign in and run reports. Can browse the Campaigns, Opportunities, and Tools tabs. Can unlink manager accounts. Can view and edit any part of an account and its campaigns, including Billing. You can also receive notification emails and reports.

What if I want to Cancel, Change My Billing Info or Change My Plan?

You can cancel or change your monthly management plan and billing info at anytime. Just contact us and we will help you every step of the way on how to proceed going forward.